January 3

Guy saves Bertie County deputy out of burning car on NYE


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A Bertie County deputy was hospitalized after a crash on NYE was taken out from the car moments prior to it going on fire.

Dajour Keemer, 22, of Elizabeth City was on his way to visit his parents in Lewiston Woodville, when he and 2 others identified a cruiser losing control and crashing into a tree.

“Suddenly, he just drifted off to the right,” Keemer said. “It appeared like as if he parked the automobile quickly or something, cause we were still even more back.”

Keemer; his sweetheart, Akyia Stephenson and his cousin, Rashid Lee, said they saw smoke originating from the car after crashing into the tree.

Stephenson pulled over and the 3 got out to help the deputy. “The lights on the vehicle were out because when he hit the tree it busted the radiator, eliminated the battery, whatever,” Keemer stated. “If it wasn’t for us seeing it -we most likely would not have actually discovered him.”

Keemer stated the deputy screamed for help and they ran to discover him unable to get out of the vehicle. “He attempted to pull himself up, that’s when he noticed that he had actually broken bones,” Keemer said. “So he couldn’t move, so he told me to [grab him] and I pulled him out and we fell under the ditch. And as quickly as we touched the ground, that’s when the car burst into flames.”

Keemer said they moved him back further to security while Stephenson was on the phone with dispatch the entire time. Stephenson stated it took about 10 minutes for an ambulance to come while bullets that caught on fire popped. ” my very first thought was ‘I can’t let this male die in front of me, ‘” Keemer stated. “We’re here now … we simply got to do something about it.”

The deputy remains in the hospital and Bertie County Constable John Holley stated the weather condition played an element in the crash. The name of the deputy has not been released however Keemer stated the deputy’s family and Bertie County Sheriff’s Workplace has reached out to him to thank him.

“I had a great deal of worry in my heart [when it took place],” Keemer stated. “At the same time, I knew I couldn’t let the worry take control of my actions. I knew my actions was more vital than what I was feeling at the time so I hesitated certainly, however I just knew it was very important to make a move now because I understood a fire will break out.

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