January 6

Lucky Irish Man Was Saved By His Loyal Dog During A House Fire


A lucky man was saved by his pet dog Daisy and escaped from a house fire in the early morning hours. 

A former County Councillor from Clarecastle, Bernard Hanrahan, lost his home in a house fire. 

Interviewing with The Clare Echo, Mr. Hanrahan said he could have lost his life in the devastating house fire, but his dog woke him up when it started. 

At around 5 am, Mr. Hanrahan was awoken by his bichon frise, Daisy, barking nonstop. 

“Usually she’d start at around 7 or 8 to get up and do her business,” he told the outlet, “but I said to her it was too early and to go back to bed.”

“Next thing I heard a bang and thought someone was trying to break in.”

Mr. Hanrahan got out of the bed and went to check on the house, and upon opening the kitchen door, “the flames and smoke put me back on my arse onto the ground”.

Mr. Hanrahan and Daisy then escaped the fire and went to his brother’s house, where he could call Fire Brigade. 

The fire department tried to save a house lived by Mr. Hanrahan’s family for three generations. But it was completely destroyed by the fire. 

Describing the event as a “nightmare”, Mr. Hanrahan said, “it’s the last thing that I wanted at this stage of my life, to have a major fire like this to burn out my home”, adding “everything I have is gone”.

Margaret, Mr. Hanrahan’s wife, passed away six years ago. And since then, Daisy has been sleeping beside him in bed.

“Only for Daisy I wouldn’t be around today to tell the story. She saved my life,” he told The Clare Echo, adding “as someone said to me yesterday, she should be knighted.”

Mr. Hanrahan also revealed Daisy have saved his life not only once but twice. Two years ago, Mr. Hanrahan was ill and fell. He hits his head, and Daisy stayed by his side, “barking and licking me until she woke me”.

“She is a life-saver.”

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