January 3

Maine Lady Saves Goat From Penobscot Bay on Cold, Windy Day: Full Of Adrenaline


There was a dramatic, adrenaline-filled water rescue on a cold, windy Maine day today– as well as it included a goat.

On Tuesday, a regional female became a hero when she entered a kayak to assist a shivering, soggy, swimming goat that had actually gotten away from the veterinarian in Belfast.

The water section of the rescue started when Jerri Holmes saw 3 law enforcement agents in her lawn that afternoon.

She promptly realized that there would be no fast method for the goat to be saved from the teams on land as well as ran to grab her kayak, which she utilizes no issue the period as long as she “can survive the ice ashore to launch.”

There were whitecaps on Penobscot Bay that day, but Holmes still got a life vest, some neoprene handwear covers as well as some indoor garments as well as began a 20 or so minute aquatic goat rodeo.

“I was never afraid for my kayaking abilities, I was a little afraid the goat might want to get in the boat,” she described, including that the goat, “didn’t want to go towards shore, he didn’t want me to turn him so I was out there yelling.”

After a period of time trying to loophole a rope around the goat’s horns, Holmes’ paddle blew away in the wind.

She needed to push her kayak towards it with her hands before resuming her goat wrangling. The water was 43 degrees that day.

“That was the point when I thought, ‘what am I doing?’” she remembered.

Ultimately Holmes had the ability to push the rebellious animal towards the shoreline to the point it was able to depend on a surface due to a receding trend.

“That was the point when I thought, ‘what am I doing?’” she claimed, explaining that “he just stood there and then beyond that I’m not really sure what happened because someone else brought the goat back to shore.”

Holmes added that the experience was “filled with adrenaline” because a young next-door neighbor was viewing as well as Holmes “did not want her to see a goat drown in front of her property.”

A couple of days on, Holmes has a sore shoulder that she assumes got overstretched from continuously grabbing the goat’s horn.

She thinks the goat is really feeling healthy and balanced but has actually not talked with its owner since the event.

Meanwhile, people in Belfast and past are saying that she is truly the GOAT in this story for carrying out an effective rescue in the subsiding days of a hard 2020.

“I have heard from friends I haven’t heard from in a long time, I’m really grateful” said Holmes, when asked concerning the newly found focus she’s obtaining.

“I know it’s just a goat, not a person but the memories would’ve been horrible [if the goat died], instead they’re great memories,” she stated.

Holmes says she plans to exercise knot connecting this winter months and placed a life vest on her back deck just in case she needs to carry out an additional rescue some day.

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