January 6

Policeman Yogesh Hiremath saves man as he slips from moving train in Mumbai India


Police constable Yogesh Hiremath’s fast response saved the life of a man slipping while boarding a moving train at the Dahisar Railway Station in Mumbai, India.

CCTV footage from the train station, which was tweeted by the Mumbai police, shows a man trying to board an already moving train. When he tries to enter, he lost his balance and almost fell in the gap between the platform and the train. A frequent occurrence in Mumbai’s dahisar railway station.

Luckily, Police constable Yogesh Hiremath, managed to pull the man to safety saving his life from certain death.

Mumbai police tweeted along with the video.

This isn’t even the first railway station rescue this year. Three days prior, another constable saved the life of an elderly man who was stuck on the railway track of the same station.

Calls for the railway station to improve safety procedures and ensure incidents like this don’t happen again are on the rise.

You can watch the video of the rescue here: 

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